Spiritual Testimony: I am thankful that God spoke into my life about the grace and freedom offered in salvation at age 8 following a children’s play I was a part of. From that day on I have never doubted God’s faithfulness despite my many “slip-ups” in my walk with Him. He has allowed me to experience His Spirit’s presence in foreign countries, speak life (the gospel) into the lives of others, baptize young and “seasoned” believers, experience the gospel produce in the lives of my wife and daughters, take in his majesty in so many areas of his creation, and now shepherd a flock under His tender care. I desire to glorify Him faithfully and fully in all that I do in hopes of expanding His kingdom!

A Little Bit About Me: Lauren and I got married in 2006 and have three beautiful and unique daughters: Haven, Adelveis, and Birdie. Lauren is my “help meet”, confidant, counselor, and best friend. We love curling up and reading a good book, or getting lost in a good movie. I am a Carolina everything fan (Panthers, Tarheels, Hurricanes) although the Braves are my baseball team.  We love people... opening our home for fellowship and dinner or just spending the day walking downtown and introducing ourselves to people we come across. I, and Lauren, value above all else the fulfillment of fellowship with other believers and seeking ways that I personally can see His kingdom grow through the life-changing gospel message.

Favorite Verse: John 3:30 – “He must increase, but I must decrease” – Oh that each day I would live out this faithful truth from John the Baptist as he spoke about our Savior.

Funny Story: I once ate something in Belize that tasted much like a sausage ball. When I asked the lady who cooked it what was in it she said she wasn’t sure! MMMhhhMMM good! On that same trip we were stuck at the Belize/Guatemalan border and thought we were going to lose our guide, drove as fast as we could to try to outrun a hurricane, got lost in the middle of nowhere down a 10 mile long dirt road (with hurricane right on our tail), and ended up seeing so many awesome lives come to know Christ. One of my favorite trips... mystery sausage balls included. 

CONTACT: twagoner2@liberty.edu or scgbc@windstream.net